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About Ansh Verma

Hello World! I am currently a junior at Interlake High school, Bellevue, WA. I am a passionate technologist interested in all things computers and software. After starting with Scratch in elementary school, trying out C over summer breaks, and learning JavaScript at school, you could say I got interested in tech at an early age. My first real experience with programming fundamentals was during my freshman year in high school when I signed up for AP Computer Science. The main language we worked in was Java, and working to solve the challenges led me to spend countless hours tinkering with the code and seeing how I could make different things tick. To finish of the school year, I worked with a friend to create a chess program from the ground up. Nowadays, I keep myself updated in technology by following the latest news and trends by reading journals online every day. Besides my love for technology, I love photography, swimming, strategy games, DIY projects, and giving back to the community at any opportunity I can get! I have created this blog to share my thoughts and opinions on various tech topics that I stumble upon every day. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts! Please feel free to comment on posts; I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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